Copper Basin and the Wrangells

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Mt. Sanford in the Clouds

The Lucky Camper

His Private Campsite

Mt. Sanford, North Side

Closer View

Sanford in the Distance

Hidden Campsite

Nobody Knows where this Camp is!

Near Skookum Volcano Trail

September Foliage

More Foliage

Tok Cutoff

Looking Towards Nabesna Road

Mt. Sanford

Near Tanada Lake

A Wider Angle View

Getting Near to Jack Creek

Lots of Sheep Up There

A Sharp Point


Mt. Sanford

16,237 feet tall

Open Country Near Slana

Rain Shower

That Other Mountain

Rufus Creek

Some Clouds

Few Clouds

Jack Creek

View at Jack Creek

Jack Creek

Jack Creek

Jack Creek

Jack Creek

Summit of Sanford

Sanford and Drum

Mnt. Drum

Sanford's Massive Vertical Cliff

Headed to Nabesna

Heavily Travelled

A Primitive Road

Bald Eagle



More Sparse Timber Country

Alaska Range

Approaching the Chugach Mtns.